Future ways for you to work smarter, not harder

Here are a few of the many time-saving features we’re building for AddOns.LA and you!

  • DOT Compliance: Protect your business with an integrated & automated DOT compliance system
    • Driver Qualification File (DQF) management
    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Management of vehicle files & inspections via mobile
    • Accident registration & company policies
  • Document Management: Manage all your DOT-required files for CDL drivers
    • Get automatically notified when your drivers’ DQFs might fall out of compliance
    • Store all aspects of DQF compliance, making the information easy to search and access when needed
  • Online Job Applications: Simplify the hiring process with secure, web-based application processing
    • Secure online forms, accessible via mobile and desktop
    • Easy filtering of ineligible candidates based on pre-defined criteria
    • Safe transfer of documents, including DMV and other records
  • Time & Attendance: Easily keep track of the hours your employees & drivers work
    • Digital time & attendance tracking
    • Punch-in & -out via text, phone & web
    • Enables tracking of drivers, dispatchers, operations staff and more
    • Export data to popular payroll formats directly or Excel as required
  • TomTom Telematics Integration: Connect your TomTom GPS data with your LimoAnywhere system
    • Dispatch trips directly from LimoAnywhere in TomTom
    • Drivers can update trip status from their TomTom devices
    • Based on TomTom “ETA,” SMS or call customers, affiliates or dispatch