Addons.LA Frequently Asked Questions

Driver Wake-up Calls

Can I limit which trips get a wake-up sequence based on pick-up time?

Yes, trips can be filtered based on start time and by driver. Using these settings, you can restrict services to only the trips that need it. This approach saves you money by not setting wake-up alerts for drivers or trips that do not require them.

Can I notify dispatch when a driver confirms they are awake?

Yes, you can enable or disable the “Notify Authority” parameter to allow for emails to be sent to your dispatch team when a driver confirms for a trip via the wake-up service.

Can I restrict which of my drivers receive wake-up calls?

Yes, you can enable (or disable) wake-up calls by driver in the “Drivers” section of the AddOns.LA system. To disable the calls, you simply uncheck the box next to the driver’s name.

Can you take into consideration traffic or rush hour?

Yes, our automated wake-up system takes into consideration rush-hour time periods for your local area, making sure to build in enough time to allow your drivers to get to their pick-up destinations on time.

Each trip is different. Are you sure your wake-up time calculation will allow for enough time?

Absolutely, we take into consideration numerous items when dynamically calculating the wake-up time. These include driver behavior, vehicle type, vehicle locations, time of day, driver’s distance to the vehicle location and client pick-up, among other factors.


In what countries does AddOns.LA work?

Currently, you can make outbound voice calls and text/SMS messages to any country globally. International calling and text have different rates per country. Contact us for a specific country’s rate sheet. You can assign phone numbers to receive incoming voice or SMS/text messages in 19 countries.

What is test mode and how do I use it?

Test mode is a system state where all outbound communication can be steered to a single phone or email address for testing purposes. This is very handy when doing initial system setup or adding a new feature. Test mode can be enabled or disabled in your AddOns.LA system settings page.

Screen Pop

With what IP phone vendors or networks do your screen pops work?

AddOns.LA works with many of the leading IP phones on the market today, including Polycom, Aastra, Mitel, Snom, Grandstream and Yealink. We also can directly integrate to services such as 8X8, Vonage and RingCentral. In addition, any device that supports call-forking or “simultaneous ring” can be used with our screen pop service. Not sure if your phone system is supported, contact us and we can help.

Virtual Dispatcher

Can I restrict which affiliates can access my virtual dispatch services?

Yes, you can set up access in multiple ways. You can allow anyone with a valid five-digit trip code to call or text the virtual dispatch service for updates, or you could restrict access only to those users you have provisioned in the system or who are known to your LimoAnywhere® account.

How do my affiliates use the virtual dispatch service?

Affiliates can directly call in via phone or send a text message to access the virtual dispatch service. Depending on whether they send a text message or call into the system, various options are available for them to choose.