Always Know If Your Team’s On Time!

With our real-time GPS-integrated Dispatch Monitoring dashboard, you’ll get a comprehensive system that acts as a second set of eyes on your dispatch, grid checking each driver’s current location/ETA¬† and trip information. Every two minutes, using your in-car GPS provider, we update your ETA to spot issues. We use the latest mapping and real-time traffic data, check current statuses and predict/call out any trips that have potential to be late or who are not in the correct status for the current time.

For busy fleets, this is a huge time-saver, identifying exactly what the dispatcher needs to know rather than forcing them to dig through GPS screens to find potential issues. Upon a potential status problem, we call that out to your dispatch team visually. We can also automate certain dispatching tasks like texting your driver to inquire about status.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We securely connect to your LimoAnywhere platform and maintain sync with your trip and status data.
  2. Our platform constantly monitors your vehicles’ locations and destinations, calculating up-to-date arrival times to pickup locations.

What about flight tracking?

With optional support for real-time flight tracking, we can adjust trip pickup times to current flight status (that is, wheels down or gate time – whichever you use). LimoAnywhere can also be updated automatically based on flight delay/arrival thresholds.


You can also display your Dispatch Monitoring dashboard on individual PC monitors or TV screens in the common areas of your office.

Which GPS vendors are supported?

ArtusMode, TomTom, FleetMatics, NexTraq, CommandGPS, InTouch, TSO Mobile, Silent Passenger, GeoTab, Fleet Complete, GPS Insight, Keep Tuckin’, Ituran, One Step GPS, Netcorp, SamSara, SkyBitz, Street Eagle, US Fleet, ATTI Shadow Tracker, Azuga, NordeTrack, Zonar, and Linxup are currently supported with AddOns.LA’s Dispatch Monitoring. If you don’t see your vendor listed here, please contact us about integrating them!