Never Miss An Early Morning Pick-Up Again

Are your drivers late to pick-ups because they overslept? Are you waking up early just to make sure your drivers are on time? What if you could automatically send them reminders about their first trips of the day? With AddOns.LA, we’ll send your drivers automated text message and phone call reminders about their trips.

Here’s how it works:

  • AddOns.LA checks your LimoAnywhere® system to see when your next pick-up is scheduled
  • Our system  calculates how much time your driver needs to ensure an on-time pick-up, evaluating traffic, distance and other details
  • AddOns.LA sends an automated text to your driver, prompting them to confirm their pick-up
  • Upon successful response, we’ll confirm the driver as awake and can even notify your dispatch team, if desired
  • If no response is received, our system will call the driver multiple times, waiting several minutes in between each call
  • If they still don’t respond, we’ll notify your dispatch team or begin calling your back-up driver – all with plenty of time to spare for an on-time  pick-up

Dynamically calculating how much time your driver needs to arrive on time

No two pick-ups are ever the same. You might need to notify one driver 30 minutes in advance to make an on-time pick-up, but another chauffeur could need 65 minutes for that same trip. Using a wealth of data, like traffics and maps, we dynamically calculate when your driver first needs to get notified to make sure they’re on time for their pick-ups.

Here are a few of the criteria we evaluate to set the perfect times for automated wake-up calls and texts:

  • Travel time & distance from the driver’s home address to your company’s facility and the client pick-up location
  • Built-in buffers per driver, allowing that extra few minutes to be “on time”
  • Traffic and the scheduled pick-up time
  • Past driver behavior, if provided

What’s even better is that once you’re set up with our wake-up calls and texts, the process is fully automated. That means you can rest assured that your drivers will get alerted to their pick-ups, helping ensure on-time arrivals and happier customers.


** Update ** We now support second round wake up calling to prevent drivers falling back asleep.

  • Fully Automated

    Using secure access to your LimoAnywhere® API, you can simply setup the system and go. No additional human intervention is required.

  • Secure

    Any and all data is secured using industry best practices and not retained unless configured to do so.

  • Cost Effective

    Pay as you go! No monthly minimums with each wake-up just $1.