Automate the process of performing 10 minute out calls for your destination partners.

Do you need to notify high end hotel properties when your vehicle is 10 minute out from arrival so their staff can meet their guest at the door?

How does it work? It’s easy to set up AddOns.LA’s driver scheduling tool at your company. Once you’ve signed up with us, we’ll connect with your LimoAnywhere system and you’re ready to use our driver scheduling tool.

  • First, you’ll setup your vehicle with any of our support GPS integrations.
  • Enable specific accounts or property addresses to receive the notifications.
  • From there, we automatically calcualte arrival time and notify once the 10 minute threshold has been met.
  • Let your Chauffeurs focus on the road and not using their phones.

How it benefits you

  • Simple: It is easy to use and can save you a ton of time by eliminating the need to manually watch and make these calls.
  • Flexible: Allows for any type of scheduling, account or address based
  • Efficient: You’ll keep your dispatchers focused on more important tasks

Who can use it? All LimoAnywhere customers can take advantage of our Final Approach Feature. Sign up today and see how it can help you!  Save Save