All of our feature options are pay-as-you-go or month-by-month. No long-term (or any) contracts here! Each functional enhancement to your LimoAnywhere platform is purchased separately, so you can add or remove features at any time.

Wake-Up Calls

  • Just $1 per trip
  • Includes all SMS/texts and calls required
  • Volume discounts available – contact us for details

Virtual Dispatcher

  • $0.50 per minute
  • Phone number rental $5 per month
  • Volume discounts available

Screen Pops

  • $20 per month, per extension
  • Unlimited usage per extension
  • Set-up assistance available

Dispatch Monitor

  • $0.35 per trip
  • Available to display on computer monitors or TV screens
  • Displays status in red, yellow or green, depending on whether you’re late or on time

Dispatch Map

  • $0.10 per processed trip
  • Integrates your LimoAnywhere trip data & your GPS data
  • Presents your trip statuses and locations in a color-coordinated map view

Affiliate Driver Status

  • $0.35 per processed trip
  • Connects with your LimoAnywhere system
  • Cuts the time your team spends manually updating affiliate status reports

Driver Hiring

  • $20 per month flat fee
  • Integrated into your website
  • Saves time & money during the hiring process

Time & Attendance

  • $3 per month per employee/contractor
  • Punch-in and -out via text, phone & web
  • Easily track hours of employees & drivers

Passenger Surveys

  • Starting from just $25 per month, based on your LimoAnywhere level
  • Get immediate client feedback with mobile-friendly & fully customizable surveys
  • Streamline happy clients to your social media pages
  • Iframe integration into your website to share your best reviews
  • Identify trends and activities, so you can quickly make improvements

Passenger Link

  • Starting at just $25 per month
  • Allow clients to track drivers as they are en route to pick-up
  • Provide easy contact buttons for passengers
  • Supply clients with driver’s picture and vehicle information

All new accounts receive $50 in free credit to try any AddOn!