Make Your Clients Feel Like VIPs and Speed Up Your Call Times

“Good afternoon, Mr. Yingling, how can I help you today?”

Imagine if your call center could address your clients by name each time they called. Not only that, but they could instantly see that customer’s past history with your company, including all their calls into your business, their past trips, their upcoming trips and their most current trip. And your call center could access all that information without even having to do anything – rather as soon as their phone rang, the client’s information popped up on their screen (a screen pop as it’s often called).

With AddOns.LA, you can put your customer’s information right at your support team’s fingers instantly.

– When your customer calls in, a pop-up window will appear on your reservation or support agent’s desktop.

– That window will display incoming caller data, all of which is pulled behind-the-scenes from your LimoAnywhere® account.

– Your agent can then click into your LimoAnywhere® account directly from the pop-up window and complete any needed changes or service.

What equipment do I need to use the screen-pop service?

A popular IP phone from Polycom, Aastra, Snom, Grandstream or Yealink or any IP phone with “simultaneous ring” capability on their PBXs. We can also display caller account information onscreen for Polycom and Aastra phone models.

No matter if your call center includes one agents or a dozen representatives, AddOns.LA’s screen pops lets you provide a big company experience to your clients and helps your agents more easily and efficiently handle client calls.

  • VIP Customer Service

    Make your clients feel even more important, addressing them by name when they call and asking about their upcoming (or past) trips with your company

  • Speedy Problem Resolution

    Immediately see what service experience your clients last had with your company, so you can address any concerns they might have and resolve issues quickly