Focus Less on Status Reports, More on Business Development

Running a real-time transportation business can be a challenge. Not only are there vehicle various issues to handle, but also there’s the continual communication that’s expected by clients, partners and affiliates. Your customers want to know that their drivers are en route (or even already at the pick-up location). If you’re handling trips for a partner or affiliate, they, too, expect to be notified throughout the process, ensuring they can trust you and the service you’re providing on their behalf.

That means your call center or operations team not only needs to handle incoming inquiries, but also continually make outgoing updates to clients or partners. It’s a lot of work – often for small teams – and it takes away valuable time from the more important projects that help build and grow your business.

With our virtual dispatcher, you can automate many of these updates, freeing your operations and call center teams to work on more critical tasks.

Here’s how it works

– After you sign up with AddOns.LA, we assign a phone number (either local or toll-free, whichever you choose) to your company – this is your virtual dispatch line
– You can then share this phone number with any of your affiliates, partners and customers or forward your existing telephone system calls to your new AddOns.LA number
– On the day of their rentals, clients or affiliates can call (or text) your virtual dispatcher and get automated status updates on their trips simply by entering their confirmation number
– After they enter the confirmation number, they’ll get the full trip details, the current status of the trip – whether the driver is en route or on location or if the client has already been picked up. They can also be directly connected to the driver from that line, which means you’ll no longer have to worry about sharing your drivers’ phone numbers with your passengers.

It’s just that simple. With our virtual dispatcher, your in-house call center no longer has to spend their time providing affiliate updates or transferring calls between passengers and drivers, so they can handle the more important task of growing your business.


  • Auto connect passenger and drivers – restricting the callerID between the two.
  • Allow for automated status information with no human intervention
  • Allow for trip detail verification by customers or partners