tracking-screenshot1Put Critical Information Into Your Client’s Hands (and Phones)

Your customers want information. When will their chauffeur arrive to pick them up? Who is their driver? What vehicle should they expect?

In the past, you might have had to get all this information  manually. Your dispatch team had to call your driver, find out their location and ETA. They then had to call the client back and relay all that information. Or you had to spend a near fortune to develop and maintain your own app to give this information to your clients automatically.

That’s not the case anymore.

With AddOns.LA’s online driver tracking, you can offer your passengers a TNC-like experience without the added hassle of installing a specific app.

Make it simple for your clients to track your drivers, providing a better customer experience that’ll keep them coming back to you again and again.

Here’s how it works:

  • At a pre-set time (or when your trip status changes in LimoAnywhere), your customer will receive a text message about their upcoming trip with your limo or livery service
  • That text will include a dynamic link, which will take them to a webpage that looks and feels like an app, but doesn’t require them to download or install anything
  • From that mobile-friendly webpage, they’ll see:
    • Their driver’s location on the GPS-connected map and ETA (both of which update every 30 seconds)
    • Their driver’s photograph
    • The license plate of the vehicle that’s picking them up
  • They’ll also have the option from that page to text, call or rate their driver
  • After their ride, the link to the trip will expire, but you can still text them to get a driver rating or survey

Give your clients the information they want when they want it without forcing them to download any additional apps to their phone or requiring them to hunt for the information. You can automatically push to them exactly what they want: a real-time update on when to expect their chauffeur.

Work with affiliates?

Not only can we brand the tracking site to your company for your own trips, but also we can brand it for your affiliate trips, too. So if your top client books a trip through you on an affiliate or partner company, you can still provide them with a tracking report branded to your company, all based on the ride-booking source.

Supported GPS Sources*

Our driver tracking works with a number of GPS sources, including those listed below.

  • AddOns.LA ODB2 GPS dongle
  • InTouch GPS
  • Silent Passenger
  • TomTom Telematics
  • GeoTab
  • TSO
  • Fleetmatics
  • Linxup
  • iTuran
  • Zonar
  • TrackMyFleet
  • NexTraq
  • StreetEagle
  • SkyBitz
  • GPSInsight

*If you don’t see your GPS provider listed here, please contact us.